License Agreement with Licensing Agency “UDC”

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Since 01/03/2017 PKG Lesnaya Skazka LLC has entered into a licensing agreement with Licensing Agency UDC for the right to use images of characters from the popular brand Gapchinska on packages with TM Lesnaya Skazka products.

To be happy is very simple – this is exactly what the GAPCHINSKA brand is about: Supplier of happiness No. 1. The GAPCHINSKA brand is cheerful and light, inhabited by funny and touching little people who show how you can enjoy life, love and care. The facial expressions of each character reflect emotions so accurately that they are magically transmitted to the audience. The eternal values that the brand is filled with allow it to conquer many hearts. For everyone GAPCHINSKA carries something special, personal, understandable only to him.

From 01.07.2017 TM “Lesnaya Skazka” introduces to the market a new very stylish and interesting product – zephyr zhuvalny “Licorice history” with the aroma of halfnits.

Chewing marshmallow “Licorice istoria” with the aroma of polnitsa is a delicate pink-white marshmallow in a light sweet and sour sprinkle.
Each screen box contains a mix of 3 different types of packs with pretty girls from the GAPCHINSKA brand. The pastel colors used in the brand’s designs favorably emphasize the naturalness of the chewing marshmallow product “Licorice istoria” with a strawberry aroma. Competitive advantages:

• a product with the GAPCHINSKA brand distinguishes the product on the shelf and contributes to its memorability;
• the emotionality of the packaging with the brand allows you to manage the purchasing decision
• thanks to the versatility of the brand, marshmallow “Licorice isstoria” will find its consumers in completely different groups of target audiences;
• the consumer associates the GAPCHINSKA brand with premium products.

Product advantages:

• taste of the new product – marshmallows are sprinkled with sugar with sourness, which provokes the consumer to eat more product;
• on the pack, the calorie content in 1 piece is specially marked – 15 Kcal;
• packaging of marshmallows is made of expensive matte film, thanks to which the pack has become pleasant to the touch and more presentable;
• the product is presented in three different packages with pretty girls, thanks to which the buyer can choose a character to his liking;
• a new format of packaging 100 g, with a fairly bulky appearance of the pack on the shelf – a competitive price;
• an important emphasis is placed on naturalness, since the product contains only natural dyes.

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