What is СhewingMarshmallow?

Where It Came From?

Little springy MARSHMALLOW CONFECTIONS are well-known YUMMIES all over the wold.

You won’t believe it, but ancient Egyptians were the first who cooked marshmallow! They made it from the root of the Althaea (also known as the marshmallow plant) as at that distant time there was no gelatin yet. But when people finally invent it, they began commercial manufacturing of marshmallow.

With the passing of time, chewing marshmallow gained immense popularity in Europe and the United States. Statistics say that every year the Americans spend over $125 million on their favorite product.

Marshmallow fans came up with numerous ways to use it in cooking: they add it to cakes and cupcakes, no-bake desserts and ice cream, throw it in coffee or cocoa.

What is Marshmallow Made of?

Why HasMarshmallow Become Extremely Popular?

Marshmallow products have gained immense popularity both in Ukraine and the whole world due to their multifunctional qualities: “low-calorie desserts” and “healthy sweet snacks” are real trends of our modern life.

Marshmallow is a tasty movie snack or easy and yummy meal to serve your friends. You can quickly cook a lovely dessert or prepare a mastic for cakes using this chewing marshmallow. Coffee, cappuccino, and cocoa will obtain new flavor if you put a few slices of marshmallow in the cup. Add it to the ice cream and enjoy a refreshing dessert. When on a picnic, don’t forget to caramelize marshmallow over coals and treat your kids to sweet barbecue.

Try it once and you'llbe hooked!

Tasty Ways to Use Marshmallow?

Sweet marshmallow is your favorite movie snack.

Chewing marshmallow is an appetizing,  fashionable and low-calorie snack. Watching a cute movie in a cinema or just spending time with friends, you will appreciate its exceptionally smooth taste.

Как едят How to EatMarshmallow?

Hot drink withmarshmallow.

Once you add marshmallow to the hot coffee, cappuccino or cocoa, it will dissolve and turn into a soft sweet foam which gives the drink creamy flavor and aroma. Also, marshmallows are served with a cup of hot drink as a sweet treat.

Marshmallow is a modern dessert

Complex desserts, made of several confectionery ingredients, have achieved great popularity recently.

By adding marshmallow to dessert, you get an elegant and mouth-watering dish with original flavor and aroma.

Сhefs around the world decorate ice creams, cocktails, mousses, cakes, and fruit salads with chewing marshmallows.

How to Eat Marshmallow?

Sweet barbecue

Roasting or toasting of chewing marshmallow is one of the most joyful moments during picnics or campings both for kids and adults. Just put a marshmallow on a stick and hold it above hot coals and in a few minutes, you will have an original and delicious snack. Marshmallows become a little bigger, viscous; they gain caramelized taste and crispy crust. For those who love barbecues, “Lesnaya Skazka” proposes its new chewing marshmallow Barbecue.

How to Eat Marshmallow?

Masticfor cake and pastry decoration.

Chewing marshmallow is an ideal base for cake and pastry mastic. Use your creativity and cooking skills to get a real edible masterpiece.